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Have you dreamed of going on an exotic journey with God? Something far away from the familiarity of your routine… the kind of quest mystic tales are made of? The kind that pulls on your passions and kindles an inextinguishable fire in your soul?


I want to invite you into my world... the world of a missionary living in the exquisitely beautiful Amazon Jungle of Peru. Would you join me on a life-changing excursion? Come, read my story. Share with me in some unforgettable adventures with Jesus – in one of the most extraordinary places on earth. This encounter with Him will alter you forever. 


Are you ready?


"This enthralling account provides a unique window into the intriguing life experiences of a modern-day missionary living in the jungles of Peru. You will find yourself caught up in the thrill of cross-cultural encounter, while drawn into the heartfelt reflection of a life poured out unto God. Whatever mission God has for you, this book will entice you to begin your own adventure. Jeannie and I love and admire the life and ministry of Jennifer Arimborgo--after this read you will too!"

-Pastor Phil Munsey, Chairmen of Champion Network, 
Affiliated Churches with Lakewood Church/Joel Osteen

“I have had the tremendous privilege of observing Jennifer's journey in Iquitos, Peru from the beginning. Hers is truly a life poured out for the glory of God. This memoir paints a vivid picture of her struggles, joys and triumphs, enhanced by rich lessons learned along the way. She will draw you irresistibly into her world. Though many of us will never serve on a foreign mission field, allow these enlightening stories to inspire you to live a poured out life right where God has called you.”

-Pastor Dawn Beard,
Founder of Awaken the Nations Ministries Reviews:

"This book made me laugh, cry, chuckle, say "wow," and more importantly, made me reflect on my on walk with Jesus. It is such an inspiring and encouraging read! The truth of God's word, who He is and His promises come to life in Jennifer's experiences. She painted a picture of what may seem like an intimidating concept--pouring out one's life--as an intimate journey; one that always highlights her close walk with Jesus. Whether you are in ministry or not, I highly recommend you read this book. I believe that as Jennifer tells her stories, you will discover along the way, as she has, the truth of God's word and how REAL HE IS."  --Christine Cruz

"This is probably the most inspiring book I have ever read! Reading about the reality and miraculous power of God and how He is moving in the Amazon Jungle continued to amaze me through each story Jennifer shared. Their life is anything but ordinary and you will quickly realize that after the first few pages. After reading it I honestly feel so encouraged and inspired in my own journey to pour out my life for God, and I'm sure others will feel the same. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone! Also, love the way Jennifer writes--makes the book really nice to read and hard to put down!" --Chloé Morgan

"I could not put this book down. Jennifer, Israel and their family lovingly sacrifice convenience and comfort to live a life that glorifies the Lord in a powerful way. This book makes you feel like you are in the Amazon Jungle experiencing life with Jennifer and her family. Powerful! Thank you Jennifer and Israel for your sacrifice in bringing the gospel to places most of us would never dare to go and for bringing it to life for us! I bought one copy for myself and one for my daughter. It looks like I am going to have to stock up for Christmas now that I have read the book. God bless!"

--Happy Customer

"I absolutely love this book! It's so beautifully written. I love the stories, I love the heart behind it. I've had the incredible privilege to meet Jennifer and she's incredible. So genuine, so kind, and it was amazing to be able to read her story. It's an incredibly powerful read. I was in tears and so touched by the stories and how great our God is! --Brenda Ramirez

The Adventure of a Lifetime…



Do you have a hungry, searching place inside you? If you pay careful attention, you will realize that it is spiritual hunger you are experiencing. Believe me, dear friend, a media binge is not going to satisfy it. Neither will a phone call to your best friend. Squeezing more busyness into your calendar will not make it go away either. Your spirit is crying out to be fed. Those cravings are from the very core of you. Only one thing will truly satisfy: fresh bread from Heaven’s own oven.

Lean in and listen carefully. Jesus is tenderly beckoning you to ingest the closeness of His presence… the richness of His love… the sustenance of His Word to your heart: “I am the bread of life… He who feeds on Me will live because of Me…”

This book contains 100 carefully crafted devotionals to help you respond to His invitation. Open these pages and come away with Him, deeper and deeper into His heart…

Brand new book for sale!


“Something’s very wrong with Lily.” These words marked the beginning of a crisis that would forever mark the hearts of the Arimborgo family. That unforgettable night, their youngest daughter had a seizure and nearly died. She remained in a coma for seventeen days, fighting for her life. This book tells the story of her miracle.

Israel and Jennifer endured one of the most painful trials a parent could face. In their darkest moments, however, God showed up for them. Jennifer opens up here about both her deepest anguish, and how she found strength in Him during that time. Alongside each part of the gripping narration, she shares messages of hope that will strengthen you during your own dark night. Joy came in the morning for the Arimborgos. Jennifer records this experience to bring powerful reassurance to your heart: morning light is on the way for you, too!

About the Author

Jennifer Arimborgo has been a missionary to the Amazon Jungle since 1997, where she serves with her husband, Israel. In 2001, she graduated from Fuller Seminary with a Masters in Intercultural Studies; then joyfully adopted Peru as her permanent home. She is exceedingly blessed with four amazing children.

A pastor on staff at La Iglesia Libre in the city of Iquitos, she loves preaching, discipling, and training future church planters at our ASIEL Missions School. Among her main passions are deep level healing prayer, dream interpretation, and the ministry of intercession.

Looking for an online devotional that will draw you deeper into Jesus’ heart? Visit Jennifer's blog at

You can also tune into the Feeding on Jesus podcast on iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher!

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