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Carmen Arimborgo—A Dead Boy Alive Again and Other Normalcies

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“Mamita, have you ever raised the dead?” I asked my mother-in-law, Carmen. She looked thoughtful briefly. “Yeah,” she replied in the same tone of voice she uses to tell me about her day. Matter-of-fact. Raising the dead is part of normal life for her! Can you imagine having such an amazing lady in your family?

I asked her to tell me about it.

“I was walking into the missions school,” she began. “I heard wailing coming from a house on the side of the path.”

“Yeah?” I said, fixated on her. (I bet you would have been too.)

“So I went inside to find out what was going on,” she continued. “A little boy, around two years old, had just died. He was still warm. His family was deeply upset, crying in anguish. My heart was filled with compassion for this little one and his family.”

She had me on the edge of my seat. (You are too, right?) “You just walked in there?” I asked.

“Yes. I acted in authority. I instructed them in a firm voice, ‘Help me start massaging his limbs.’ The family just stared at me. ‘Do you want him to live? Then do as I say!’ I ordered. They obeyed.”

“What had he died of?” I wondered.

“A sudden case of pneumonia had taken his life,” she explained. “So I started rebuking the spirit of death. I kept on rebuking it. In a few minutes, he opened his eyes! He sat up and got out of bed. He started running around and playing as if nothing at all had happened to him!”
I was just taking it all in. “Did the family get saved?” I wanted to know. “Of course! Plus all the neighbors that were in the house. There were at least fifteen people that gave their lives to Jesus that day.”


And there you have it. Pastor Carmen Arimborgo, co-founder of ASIEL jungle church network. Powerful, humble woman of God. She is out there on the front lines every day, casting out demons and healing the sick. She is the senior pastor of La Iglesia Libre, under the direct covering of her husband, Apostle Jose. And if you ever have a prayer request, you want her in your corner. She is often up in the middle of the night, bringing heaven to earth through hours of intercession. We are immensely proud of her!

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