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​Jerusalem Pastors' School


In 2007, we were faced with a decision. We either had to close down our school and stop training church planters, or somehow acquire a new campus.

Our water supply had dried up at the previous location. This meant trying to live without anywhere to bathe, wash clothing, cook, or even simply take a refreshing drink of water on a steamy hot day in the jungle. The rainy season ended in June that year. Shortly thereafter, the stream we had depended on became a stagnant mud pit. Not only were we out of water, but malarial mosquitoes began to multiply there. Several of our students fell sick with the disease.

Staying on at that campus was no longer an option. So the choice was before us. The Holy Spirit blazed in our hearts, “Ask Me for your mountain!” (Josh. 14:12) We had no money to purchase a new piece of property, much less build on one. However, we made the decision by faith. We could not shut down!

Emergency Rebuild

The Lord provided a seller willing to allow us to pay him little by little. We signed the deal and a brand new lot was ours, all twenty-six hectares of it. It is deliciously blessed with an abundantly flowing stream even during the six months between rainy seasons. However, there was one problem. The entire property was covered with thick, heavy jungle. There were no open spaces for building on.

Something quite surprising then began transpiring. Twenty-five young people, our student body at the time, simultaneously moved onto that virgin jungle property lot. Armed with only machetes, axes, and makeshift shelters, they committed to rebuild our missions school. Without any pay other than the joy of serving their Lord, our students forged into the fray.

It took a year of work, but they did it. Headed up by Pastor Israel, they cleared an entire hectare of the property of dense rainforest and undergrowth—using only the most primitive of tools. They built dorms and a classroom. They are our heroes.

These valiant youth poured out their lives for the furtherance of the gospel. God saw it, and a book of remembrance was written in His presence. In the same way, when you give of yourself in service for the furtherance of His Kingdom, Heaven takes note!

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